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Laboratory | k315.feld.cvut.cz


Department of Electrical Power Engineering K13115


Department of Electrical Power Engineering has several specialized laboratories:

It can perform voltage tests (up to 200 kV DC and up to 500 kV AC of the industrial frequency and further with the atmospheric and switching pulse up to the amplitude 1200 kV), then special tests (discharge activity measurement and analysis in electrical machines and devices, frequency characteristics scanning for transformer windings state checking, overvoltage protections tests for power and telecommunication devices according to EMC, electrostatic precipitators characteristics discovering etc.). In the laboratory there are further carried out apparatuses calibrating for measuring high voltages and heavy currents (Rogowski coil, current instrument transformer), protective and working utilities voltage tests and partial discharges measurement.

  • Electrical Protection Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with electrical protections of older types as well as with the most modern types and also with breaking elements. The laboratory is equipped with 7 measuring places which enables the regulated supplying up to 400 VAC and 220 V DC. The classical apparatuses (magneto-electric and ferromagnetic) as well as modern digital apparatuses and oscilloscopes cooperating with computer technique are used for measuring in the laboratory. There are further apparatuses determined for electrical energy quality measurement – electrical system analyzers (BK 550 Elcom, CIRCUTOR QNA-412, CIRCUTOR CAVA), apparatus OMICRON CMC 256-6 for measuring and testing digital protections and a probe for measuring electric and magnetic field.

  • The Laboratory with a Power Plant Unit Model

The laboratory is equipped with the physical model of a power plant unit electrical part (synchronous machine driven by the W-L machine set and connectable to the system through a block transformer and a choke). It is determined for teaching manipulations with the power plant machine set, for testing protective systems, transient phenomena and failures in electrical power systems. The laboratory is appropriate also for experts training in the electrical power section.


It is accredited by ÚCL ČR (Civil Aviation Authority) for the light-technical parameters certifying of airport signal devices. The laboratory is equipped with the apparatuses: integrating sphere, goniophotometer, photometric bench, spectrophotometer, contrast-meter, reflection-meter, luminance meter etc. In the laboratory there can be carried out the computer and photometric certifying of light-technical lighting systems quantitative and qualitative parameters and lighting systems projects in the areas with visual demanding activities in the industry, health services, schools, offices etc.