Department of Electrical Power Engineering K13115

About us

Head of the Department Address
doc. Ing. Zdeněk Müller, Ph.D.              

Address: Technická 2, 166 27 Praha 6, The Czech Republic
Phone: +420 224 352 160
Fax: +420 233 337 556

Shortly about activities

The department is focused on the topics concerning the theoretical and application problems of the production, transmission, distribution and utilisation of electric energy in the following areas:

  • Development, cooperation, control, reliability and optimization in power engineering systems
  • Ecological problems of power engineering
  • Distributed generation of electric energy in distribution systems
  • Electrical power systems in industrials plants.
  • Electrical power supplying systems for industry, regions, cities, the tertiary sector and housing
  • Electrical building installations
  • Faulted systems and application of protective systems
  • Laboratory testing of protective devices and systems
  • Voltage quality, power-disturbance elimination
  • Mathematical and computer modelling of the coupled problems in the area of heavy current electrical engineering and electrical power engineering
  • Selected energy-demanding technologies (induction heating and associated physical processes in solid and liquid metals)
  • High-voltage engineering including a high-voltage laboratory hall, totally shielded and equipped with sources of DC (up to 200kV), AC (up to 500 kV) and surge voltage (up to 1,5 MV)
  • Research in the field of modern diagnostic methods in insulation systems of non-rotating and rotating electrical machines and high-voltage systems
  • Making of database systems for operational diagnostics, the application of expert systems and artificial intelligence
  • Fast and transient wave phenomena, surges in transmission and distribution system
  • Analysis and implementation of precise measuring systems, high voltages and high impulse currents
  • Lighting engineering including a specialized laboratory
  • Research of lighting systems and light fields
  • Reflection parameters of interior surface analysis
  • Electroheat devices and technologies
  • Research of electrothermal processes
  • Energy audit and the thermal comfort of interiors